The Senior Managers and Certifications Regime (SMCR) is effective in the U.K. from 9 December 2019, following its extension to all U.K. investment firms, and effectively replaces the Approved Persons Regime for a majority of firms.

In contrast to many FCA regulations, the impact of SMCR will be felt well beyond the compliance department, and for the Senior Managers who are responsible for running these firms, this is arguably the most significant new regulation of the last 15 years.

Greyline stands ready to provide comprehensive and practical support for any firm grappling with SMCR implementation in light of the 9 December 2019 deadline. We maintain a flexible approach and can offer any combination of services – ranging from a high-level sense check of your implementation plan all the way through to comprehensive and bespoke support in every aspect of your implementation. This may include Greyline undertaking some or all of the below, depending on each firms’ needs:

  • Undertaking an all-staff mapping exercise between the Approved Persons regime and SMCR, to include the following:
    • – Identifying, Senior Managers, Certified Persons, individuals subject to the Conduct Rules and ancillary staff;
    • – Uniquely allocating Senior Management Functions, Prescribed Responsibilities and Certification Functions to each individual; and
    • – Documenting all of the above including the analysis and rationale for each decision.
  • Drafting all required Statements of Responsibilities (Senior Managers only) and Regulatory Job Descriptions (recommended for all staff, including Certified Persons).
  • Providing hands-on assistance with all necessary policy, procedure and template updates. This consists of a two-stage process:
    • – Drafting bespoke updates to your current policies, procedures and templates to bring them into line with SMCR, as far as possible, within your existing framework; and
    • – Undertaking a gap analysis and then providing and tailoring new policies, procedures and templates as required to cover the new areas (e.g. certifications, regulatory references) and to ensure full compliance.
  • Providing bespoke training to Senior Managers, Certified Persons and if required any other impacted staff.
  • Consultation and advice on any other issues related to SMCR and what steps are required to ensure compliance.

Since our services are specifically aimed at alternative investment managers, and in this case Core Regime SMCR firms, our offering is also more streamlined and cost effective for small and medium size firms, rather than being geared (and priced) towards the largest financial institutions.

Please contact Nick Thomas, Greyline’s Head of U.K. Regulatory, at for more information.



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