Outsourced CCO Services

Greyline’s new outsourced chief compliance officer (OCCO) service is specifically tailored to satisfy the most exacting regulator or investor. We accept appointments on a very selective basis, and work exclusively with firms where our OCCOs are appropriately empowered and receive full buy-in from company management. By outsourcing the CCO role to Greyline, a firm acquires a full team of best-in-class compliance professionals, not just an individual to assume the title superficially. In reality, our service is more like an outsourced compliance department rather than just the CCO.

Greyline’s proprietary governance model ensures that our executive board has direct oversight and control over the structure of our engagements. Our OCCOs – all employees of Greyline who are supported by dedicated consulting teams – follow a regimented process for designing and administering custom built compliance programs. Our OCCOs are required to deliver periodic progress reports and meet with our executive board on at least a quarterly basis to ensure management is apprised of each project. Greyline is dedicated to ensuring that our OCCOs have access to the best guidance, resources and practice management tools available. Our compliance programs are curated by former CCOs and regulators for CCOs.

Conventional, somewhat dated wisdom was that outsourcing the role of CCO could be a risky proposition considering the historic skepticism of regulators, legal counsel and institutional allocators alike. This is a position that Greyline adhered to for many years. However, consensus has evolved during our extended work-from-home environment and most industry participants now fully embrace the model under the right circumstances. If structured and implemented properly, outsourcing the CCO role can be an efficient and cost-effective way to staff and oversee the implementation of a firm’s compliance program.

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Greyline is pleased to announce that we have made the short list for the 2021 HFM U.S. Service Awards in the Best Advisory Firm and Best Technology Firm – Newcomer categories. The award winners will be announced on September 22.