Greyline’s leadership is responsible for the management of teams in several locations. Our staff includes consultants with a variety of backgrounds selected to ensure we can service the needs of any financial institution.

Matt Okolita

Managing Partner

Matt Okolita is CEO of Greyline. He has extensive SEC, FINRA and CFTC experience, having worked for and with premier hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, CLO...... More »

Talia Brandt


Talia Brandt, and her team from Vista Compliance, LLC, joined Greyline in May 2017. Talia founded Vista Compliance — a compliance consulting firm servicing broker-dealers, registered investment advisors and...... More »

Jennifer Dickinson


Jennifer Dickinson is a partner and managing director of Greyline. Prior to joining the company, she was a senior compliance consultant at Gordian Compliance Solutions, LLC where she served...... More »

Sean Wilke


Sean Wilke is a partner at Greyline and oversees the New York office. He has extensive experience advising various types of asset managers, including private equity funds, hedge funds, traditional...... More »

Nick Thomas

Managing Director

Nick Thomas is a managing director at Greyline and oversees the London office, which provides compliance support to U.K.-based hedge funds, private equity firms and other alternative asset managers....... More »

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