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Greyline’s gVue is a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring your financial firm’s compliance activities. Our platform gives you the ability to oversee:

  • Employees’ personal securities trading in:
    • Publicly traded equities and bonds
    • Private investments
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • And more
  • Political contributions
  • External business activities
  • Gift reporting

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gVue Features

Minimize the chance for conflicts of interest from employees’ personal trading by pre-clearing their transactions through gVue. With gVue, employees can submit their electronic pre-trade approval requests quickly and easily. Each request is checked against the firm’s screening lists and rules, and when necessary, it’s sent to a compliance team for further review. Once a request is reviewed, the employee receives an email with the approval or denial.

Personal Trading and Deal Monitoring
Stop wasting time trying to reconcile brokerage statements with employees’ pre-cleared activity. gVue automates the personal trading reconciliation by receiving electronic brokerage direct from your employees’ broker-dealers. gVue is simple, smart and designed to minimize false positives, breaks and erroneous reporting.

Business Rules and Reporting
gVue’s powerful reporting feature allows you to quickly generate compliance review reports and trading summaries for employees to ensure a culture of compliance within your organization. Use gVue to check for pre-clearance breaches, front-running, restricted list trades and more. Or use the filters option to parse only the information you need.

Requests and Disclosures
gVue’s requests and disclosures feature makes it easy for employees to submit gift and entertainment forms, political contribution notices, disciplinary questions, compliance attestations, outside activity approvals and more. Each gVue account includes pre-populated templates, as well as the option to create your own custom templates and forms.

Dashboard Feature
gVue also serves as a central repository for all your important compliance documents, desktop procedures and summaries, ensuring all employees are always able to access the most up-to-date firm materials.

With its intuitive technology and easy-to-use dashboard and reporting functions, Greyline’s gVue offers you an easier path to compliance that ensures you operate within regulatory requirements, as well as company policies.

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