Though minimally regulated, exempt reporting advisors (ERAs) are still subject to U.S. general securities laws, just like any other market participant. Many advisors also choose to implement certain compliance policies and procedures as a matter of best practices.

The SEC and some states offer exemptions from registration requirements for private fund managers and venture capital firms. However, claiming these exemptions can limits a firm’s advisory activities.

Greyline works closely with our ERA clients to navigate their options and create a scaled, nimble and practical compliance program. We also work with growing ERAs who anticipate interest from more sophisticated investors, and factor their diligence requirements into their compliance program. Our process includes:

  • Analyzing the firm’s business model, strategies and growth goals
  • Preparing and filing Form ADV Part 1
  • Drafting custom policies and procedures

Find out how we can help you navigate your exemption options – request a call with one of our experts.

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